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Irina Aleksandrovna Schirova

Prof. Schirova I.A.

Head of the Department of English Philology
Doctor of Philology, Professor

Qualifications / Education
Kuybishev State Pedagogical Institute, Diploma with Honours (Teaching English (Major) and French (Minor) as foreign languages, 1976)
Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. Candidate of Philology (1992), Doctor of Philology (2001).

Research Interests
general issues of text and interpretation, philosophy of language and literature, text linguistics, stylistics, literary semantics, text typology, Modern British and American literature

— Text Interpretation: approaches, problems and possible solutions
— Text Linguistics: traditional areas and modern views
— Acceptability as a standard of textuality in different text types
— The Twentieth-Century British and American psychological prose
— Text in modern research paradigms
— The basics of research in Philology
— Literary Semantics
— Basics of philological analysis of texts

Professional Activities and Memberships
— Chair of the University Academic Council “Germanic and Roman Language Studies”
— member of the Dissertation Board (The committee for the Doctor of Philology Degree) at Herzen State Pedagogical University;
— member of RALC (The Russian Cognitive Linguists Association), PALA (Poetics and Linguistics Association), IALS (International Association of Literary Semantics), IATEFL (The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), SPELTA (St.Petersburg English Language Teachers’ Association);
— editor in chief of the academic journal “Studia Linguistica”
— supervisor of the monthly seminar for post-graduate students “Modern Strategies of Text Analysis”

Representative Publications

In Russian:
Modeling of Cognitive Processes in the Twentieth-Century British and American Psychological Prose. Saint Petersburg, 2000.
Psychological Text: detail and image. Saint Petersburg, 2003.
Text and Interpretation: views, concepts, and schools. Saint Petersburg, 2005 (with Z.Turaeva as a co-author)
Text in Modern Research Paradigms. Saint Petersburg, 2006 (with E. Goncharova as a co-author)
Multidimensionality of Text: Understanding and Interpreting. Saint Petersburg, 2007 (with E. Goncharova as a co-author)
Man as the Measure of Humanities and Text \\ STYLE № 7, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, 2008 Р. 197-211.
On the Problem of complexity: oppositions in the system of characters as a means of defining the author’s viewpoint // STYLE № 8. Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, 2009. P. 155-165

In English:
How to Analyze Fiction. Saint Petersburg, 2008.

Prof. Schirova’s plenary talk at the international conference in Minsk, Belarus Editing materials for the site ‘Prof. Schirova’s seminar for post-graduate students’